Spiritual Healing School

For anyone with kids, parents, friends or clients interested in optimizing resilience and learning how to heal and help others heal quickly and effectively. View 40 hours of video then download the EBooks. Includes all the Ebooks.


Private Session

The intention of a spiritual healing session is to restore balance and harmonization by first completing a medical intuition scan of our entire composition of body mind and spirit, then clearing the underlying resistances and energies.


Voyage To Betterment Movie

The film begins with a group eating a longevity style diet for 30 days. Then in the second half of the film, the group meets a group of amazing healers. Featuring David R Hawkins MD., Dr Neal Barnard MD & T Colin Campbell


Red World Green World

Meet 100 Year Old Margaret Chaney who does not exercise and eats gluten, wheat, meat and greasy potato chips. Yet she remains sharp as a whip as she lives by and shares her discovery that will change the face of medicine and nutrition.


Experiencing Infinite Potential

The Ebook: A lesson a day for 30 days keeps doubts away and opens the doors to experience infinite potential. Download the Ebook or read the lessons on a PC, Tab or Phone.


30 Critical Steps to Vitality

The Ebook: A lesson a day for 30 days keeps the doctor and diseases away. These are the critical lessons Healerman shares with all seeking private consultations.