Infinite Potential Protocol - Learn the protocol to experience infinite potential simply by reading or listening to a lesson a day for 30 Days

Lessons are both in Workbook form and Audio 

Have you ever attempted to share something of great value to someone, something that could really help them out, only to witness it going in one ear and out the other?

If everything we know and believe is represented by this ball then everything there is yet to know is represented by everything outside this ball. 

The challenge we all face as humans is that if information does not already fit in with the frame of what we already know and believe to be possible then the information doesn't even register in our neural network, hence it tends to simply go in one ear and out the other.  It takes repetition to break down neural networks and allow new information to register. 

Hence we are all easily programmed by friends, family, counsellors, businesses, the media and society as a whole that simply keep repeating what they know.

Whenever we are looking for help with any undesirable condition we tend to only look within our little balls that have no idea what the roots of the issues are or can even see all the solutions that already exist. 

Simply by listening to a short lesson a day for 30 days, we will experience how to step outside our little balls of subjective reality into a world filled with infinite creativity, infinite power and infinite potential.

Course Curriculum

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    Infinite Potential Workbook

    • Infinite Potential Workbook

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    Infinite Potential Audio

    • Infinite Potential Caveat

    • Infinite_Potential Intro We are Not Helpless

    • Lesson 1 Innate Intelligence

    • Lesson_2 Grand Illusion

    • Lesson_3 Staring At Cracks

    • Lesson_4 The Spotlight

    • Lesson_5_Animal Desire

    • Lesson_6 Lekkers in Love

    • Lesson_7 Hidden Gifts

    • Lesson_8 Preventing Scars

    • Lesson_9 View of Aging

    • Lesson 10 Joy of Serving

    • Lesson_11 All Programmed

    • Lesson_12 To Know is To BE

    • Lesson_13_The Thing We Know

    • Lesson_14 Active Mind

    • Lesson_15 Present Moment

    • Lesson_16 Homo Spiritus

    • Lesson_17 Biological & Spiritual Purpose

    • Lesson_18 Benefits of Mentors

    • Lesson_19 Go To Healers Team

    • Lesson_20_Lifestyle Choices

    • Lesson_21_Identify Root of Problems

    • Lesson_22_Foundation for Healing

    • Lesson_23_Consciousness & Illness

    • Lesson_24_Pathway to a Diagnosis

    • Lesson_25_Canada Goose

    • Lesson_26_God Help

    • Lesson_27_Spiritual Growth via Service

    • Lesson_28_Healing Field Alignment

    • Lesson_29_ Growth via Prayer

    • Lesson_30_Healers Prayers

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    • Summary of healing modules