Inner Strength Training Protocol

Learn the protocol to continuously improve inner strength simply by reading or listening to a 5 minute lesson a day for 30 days

In both Workbook form and Audio

Most Health and Longevity experts recommend an hour of day of outer strength training. Yet is inner strength not a thousand times more valuable than outer strength? Without inner strength we won't even have the spiritual energy to do any outer strength training. We all intuitively know that inner strength is the most valuable of all assets but few know how to teach inner strength training nor have an understanding of critical point analysis and non-linear dynamics.

If we are willing to spend an hour a day at the gym for outer strength training, would we not wish to spend 5 minutes a day for inner strength training? Developed over two decades and tried and adopted by thousands, these simple daily exercises were designed with critical point analysis, where the least amount of effort has maximum impact. Simply read or listen to a 5 minute lesson a day for 30 days to progressively increase inner strength.

Some may wish to binge listen or binge read lessons, however the most benefit comes from simply reading or listening to just one lesson per day then holding the lesson in mind for the day. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Inner Strength Training Workbook

    • Inner Strength Training

  • 2

    Inner Strength Training Audio Book

    • Audio Book - Preface

  • 3

    Inner Strength Training Audio Book

    • Day 1 Courage

    • Day 2 Willingness

    • Day 3 Observation

    • Day 4 Outward Focus

    • Day 5 Be Non attached

    • Day 6 Take no position

    • Day 7 integrity

    • Day 8 Non judgement

    • Day 9 Acceptance

    • Day 10 Be Present

    • Day 11 Enthusiasm

    • Day 12 Let It Go

    • Day 13 Eliminate the Payoff

    • Day 14 Devalue thoughts

    • Day 15 Disown thoughts

    • Day 16 Allow The Positive

    • Day 17 Alignment

    • Day 18 Ask for Help

    • Day 19 humility

    • Day 20 Allow Grace

    • Day 21 Intention

    • Day 22 Forgiveness

    • Day 23 Let it Be

    • Day 24 Reason

    • Day 25 Unconditional Love

    • Day 26 Friendliness

    • Day 27 Gratitude

    • Day 28 Compassion

    • Day 29 Stay Connected

    • Day 30 Peace

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