Some prefer to read a physical book whereas others prefer podcasts or online courses.This invaluable protocol is now available in 3 ways to suit all preferences:

1) Online Course- simply read the lessons online on a PC, Tab or Phone

2) Listen to the Audio lessons

3) Create Your Own Physical Workbook by downloading and printing the included PDF file and add the 200 8.5" x 11" pages to a blank binder 

The 90 Day Self Healing Protocol includes:

The Foundation For Healing: The Foundation and Introductory Lessons

Healing 101: Healing Body Mind & Spirit - The 30 Critical Steps

Healing 102:  Inner Strength Training - A 5 min lesson/day for 30 days

Healing 103:  Self Discovery -  A 5 min lesson/day for 30 days

It is best to read or listen to 3 hours of Foundation Lessons asap in a day or two then begin the 90 day Healing Protocol by simply reading or listening to 10 minute lesson a day for each of the three thirty day modules.

"The Workbook is all you need to take you home" Dr Nisha Manek MD, Author Bridging Science & Spirituality