HEALING 101 - Healing Body Mind & Spirit

The 30 Critical Steps

These 30 Critical Steps embrace our entire constitution of Body Mind and Spirit to help us eliminate undesirable conditions, optimize vitality and continuously improve resilience to all illnesses.

"Because the body reflects what the mind believes, and the mind reflects our spiritual position, spirit has the greatest power of all. Therefore, our spiritual position literally determines whether we have a healthy physical body or not.” David R. Hawkins, Healing and Recovery.

To optimize vitality and resilience to undesirable conditions, we could read 100 books on nutrition, mind and spirit, then take 20 years to figure out what was true. Alternatively, we can adopt these 30 critical steps. 

Each step has a cumulative effect. Designed with critical point analysis (least effort for maximum impact) simply listen to or read one 10-minute lesson per day for 30 days.

Nevianna was diagnosed with cancer in Nov 2015. She is pictured here in Dec 2015, 30 days later, climbing mountains, at Cathedral Rock in Sedona. These are the same 30 critical steps that Nevianna took be a million times stronger in 30 days. These are the same lessons that are shared with anyone in private consultations that is interested in optimizing their vitality and resiliency to all diseases, injuries and outside influences. 

This protocol was designed for anyone who wishes to:

1) heal undesirable conditions;

2) optimize their vitality & resilience to all injuries and illness

3) learn to effectively assist our kids, parents and friends when the need arises; 

4) use this knowhow for professional use to more effectively help their clients 

"People often ask me how I was able to heal so quickly after being so sick for ten years. After treatments and consultations with Andrew I felt renewed with a sense of power within me. This process was nothing short of miraculous" Neviana Maleyko

This protocol has accumulative benefits with each repetition. Hence students have lifetime access to the protocol, and can repeat the protocol every few months or once per year for continuous improvement.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Self Healing Protocol

    • Thirty Critical Steps Intro

    • How to Complete These Courses

    • Thirty Critical Steps

    • Thirty Critical Steps Audio

    • Step 1 Surrender

    • Step 1 Surrender Audio

    • Step 2 Be Grounded

    • Step 2 Be Grounded audio

    • Step 3 Live Fearlessly

    • Step 3 Live Fearlessly audio

    • Step 4 Look In - Not Out There

    • Step 4: Look In Not Out There Audio

    • Step 5 Be Free From Disease

    • Step 5 Be Free of Disease Audio Part 1

    • Lesson 5 Be Free of Disease Audio Part 2

    • Step 6 Identify Collapses

    • Step 6 Identify Collapses Audio

    • Step 7 Refuse the Coat

    • Step 7 Refuse the Coat audio

    • Step 8 Fixity of Focus

    • Step 8 Fixity of Focus audio

    • Step 9 Dance

    • Step 9 Dance audio

    • Step 10 Get Good With God

    • Step 10 Get Good With God Audio

    • Step 11 Talk Less & Listen

    • Lesson 11 Talk Less & Listen Audio

    • Step 12 Listen To God

    • Step 12 Listen to God Audio

    • Step 13 Align With The Almighty

    • Step 13 Align With The Almighty Audio

    • Step 14 Examine Intentions

    • Step 14 Examine Intentions Audio

    • Step 15 Love the Ship

    • Step 15 Love the Ship Audio

    • Step 16 Air is the nutrient

    • Step 16- Air Nutrient Audio

    • Step 17 Water the plant

    • Step 17 Water The Plant Audio

    • Step 18 Know That We Are Primates

    • Step 18 Human Primates Audio

    • Step 19 Listen to the body

    • Step 19 Listen To The Body Audio

    • Step 20 Be Red or Green

    • Step 20 Be Red or Green Audio

    • Step 21 Use Super Foods

    • Step 21-Use Superfoods

    • Step 22 Make Soup

    • Step 22- Make Soup Audio

    • Step 23 Learn By Repetition

    • Step 23- Learn By Repetition Audio

    • Step 24 See Pain as a Message

    • Lesson 24- Pain Is A Message Audio

    • Step 25 Develop Discernment

    • Step 25 Develop discernment Audio

    • Step 26: Just Keep Moving

    • Step 26 Keep Moving Audio

    • Step 27 Replace Desire for Passion

    • Step 27 Desire For Passion Audio

    • Step 28 Practice Powerful Meditations

    • Step 28 Powerful meditations Audio

    • Step 29 Get a Good Mentor

    • Step 29 Get a good mentor Audio

    • Step 30 Stay Connected

    • Step 30 stay connected audio



Andrew Facca

A long time ago I did the holistic basics: eat plants, learn yoga & Reiki. I stopped practicing Reiki after learning B.O.S. with Larry Steel, which was far more comprehensive and effective.  I then studied and trained with world renowned medical doctors, scientists and healers and had the honor of providing blessings with the Sacred Relics of The Buddha. Samyana means Voyaging Together and is the accumulation of the healing wisdom of generations.  I do my best to help people heal or learn how to heal others. I make no claims and only report what others have experienced.