This All Video Series is easy to complete, learn and absorb. Just view the videos.

"Be The Field" Healing Series

Learn how to Unleash Our Superpowers to heal and help others heal as quickly and effectively as demonstrated here:

There is nothing special about me. We are not helpless. Anyone can learn to Be The Field. Once we become the field we take it with us everywhere.

Be and hence remain on the cutting edge of well being.

Due to advances in technology it has never been easier to learn to be. This is a different type of learning. Far easier than traditional methods of learning by going to school for several years, yet far more effective. Most of the benefit comes by osmosis simply by viewing the videos with the intention to Be The Field. The only book needed is a blank journal.  


Be The Field 3 Day Workshop delivered in 28 unedited video segments of about 20 minutes each. View one video a day for 28 days or binge view all 9 hours. Way better than a Netflix binge, as with this one, we may end up with a milion times more super powers than when we started....

Be The Field Lecture

A 25 minute summary of Healerman Lecture presented to a sold out audience at MacKenzie Hall Windsor in Nov 2019. 

- Be the Field Meditation

- Relationship Healing Meditation

30 Day Supercharge

Simply view a 5 to 10 minute lesson per day for 30 days and follow along. Filmed over 30 days on FB live by Day 30 students will see and experience the unlimited potential and power when we Become The Field. 

"This is saving lives. Everyone in functional medicine needs to learn this." Natalie Morse, Pharmacist, CFMP

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