Helping Others Heal - The Video Series

We all have all brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, clients, associates, co workers or friends. What would it be worth to learn how to heal ourselves or others quickly and effectively without pills or procedures? 

In this course we will see and experience that we are not helpless!

Everything needed to learn how to heal and help others heal as effectively as shown at is included in this course. Designed to be easily absorbed simply view the videos. This 9 hour video series teaches anyone interested how to heal and help others heal quickly and effectively without any pills or programs.

Course Curriculum

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    Video Series

    • How To Connect To Infinite Potential

    • Letting Go Judgment & Control

    • Empower Mind Over Body

    • How To Align With The Healing Fields

    • Be The Field Group Technique Demo

    • Homo Spiritus Anatomy

    • Value of Groups & Repetition Lecture

    • Spiritual Healing Technique Demo

    • Food & Movement Lecture

    • How to Start a Session Lecture

    • Clearing Family Fields Technique Demo

    • The Mating Game Lecture

    • How To Eliminate Anxiety Lecture

    • Recontext Cancer & Disease Lecture

    • Group Spiritual Healing Technique Demo

    • Scan & Clear Technique Demo

    • Purge Weakening Influences Lecture

    • Distance & Scan Sessions Lecture

    • Distance Scan & Clearing Technique Demo

    • Becoming Compassion Lecture

    • Healing Vehicle Technique Demo

    • Refuse the Coat Lecture

    • Healing Four At A Time Demo

    • When to Testify When To Help Lecture

    • Dog Healing Demo

    • Showing Up & Osmosis Lecture

    • Getting To The Roots Demo

    • Final Review - See Students Heal Others

    • What To Do Next

About the instructor


Andrew Facca

A long time ago I did the holistic basics: eat plants, learn yoga & Reiki. I stopped practicing Reiki after learning B.O.S. with Larry Steel, which was far more comprehensive and effective.  I then studied and trained with world renowned medical doctors, scientists and healers and had the honor of providing blessings with the Sacred Relics of The Buddha. Samyana means Voyaging Together and is the accumulation of the healing wisdom of generations.  I do my best to help people heal or learn how to heal others. I make no claims and only report what others have experienced.