This is not a typical recipe video. Instead, this workshop is a how to eat and how to cook course. In 2 hours you will learn how to prepare over 150 meals and get all the insights and cooking lessons the Voyage to Betterment group received. Before and After blood tests with Biosignia Lab showed that this group lowered their estimated risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer by up to 50%, and grew on average 4 years biologically younger in only 30 days. Our 2007 results are similar to the findings of the now popular longevity diet. Invest $20 & 2 hours to  grow 4 years younger?

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • Introduction

    • Breaking The Hunger Bell

    • Raw Fruit, the new fast food

    • Everything Makes Soup

    • Stirfry

    • Pastas, Whole Wheat or Sub for Gluten Free

    • Super Salads

    • It's a Wrap

    • Preparing Grains and Beans

    • Pressure Cooking Destroys Lectins

    • Fermenting Vegetables

    • Fermenting Grains

    • Sprout Anything In A Jar

I cook therefore I am.


Andrew Facca

A long time ago I did the holistic basics: eat plants, learn yoga & Reiki. I stopped practicing Reiki after learning B.O.S. with Larry Steel, which was far more comprehensive and effective.  I then studied and trained with world renowned medical doctors, scientists and healers and had the honor of providing blessings with the Sacred Relics of The Buddha. Samyana means Voyaging Together and is the accumulation of the healing wisdom of generations.  I do my best to help people heal or learn how to heal others. I make no claims and only report what others have experienced. 

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