Group Guidance Sessions

Most people pray to God but imagine being able to pick up the phone and talk to God. With two way communication we learn how to listen to God. 

The Holy Spirit speaks to us in subtle ways when the timing is appropriate. Hence, many people often benefit by listening to the group guidance sessions months or even years after they are recorded, receiving the perfect message at the perfect time.

There is considerable value in maintaining a video library of these monthly zoom group guidance sessions so others can listen to the messages when they are called to do so. We will be recorded and uploading the zoom group guidance sessions to this perpetual course.

Course Curriculum

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    Group Guidance Sessions

    • Group Guidance Session #1 Dec 10 23 Guidance Intro

    • Group Guidance Session # 2 Jan 14-23 Devotion

    • Group Guidance Feb 11 24 - A Mother's Love

    • Group Guidance Mar 10 24 - Out of Place?

    • Group Guidance Apr 14 24 - Deep Inner Work Letting Go

    • Group Guidance May 12 24 - Be The Field

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