This workbook series consists of 6 Ebooks, each a 5 minute lesson a day for 30 days. Simply download the PDF and create your own Workbook of 180 daily lessons for continuous improvement. These are all the lessons I would wish to share with anyone interested in learning how to fulfill our potential in health, athletics, relationships, work, prosperity and life.

Ebook 1 - Infinite Potential

Ebook 2 - 30 Critical Steps to Optimize Vitality

Ebook 3 - Inner Strength Training

Ebook 4 - Inner Work Workbook

Ebook 5 - Healer's Manual Part 1

Ebook 6 - Healer's Manual Part 2

Ebook 1 - Infinite Potential 

If this little ball represents all our habits, knowledge and beliefs, then everything there is yet to know is represented by everything outside this little ball. Outside this little ball, there exists an infinite field of creativity, power and potential, and it is freely available to everyone at all times. 

However anytime we attempt to resolve problems or be innovative, we are programmed physically by neural networks and also conditioned socially to remain inside our tiny balls.

To fulfill our potential in wellness, athletics, work and relationships all we need is the willingness, knowledge and capacity to step outside the little ball of what we know. This is accomplished not by traditional learning methods such as reading about information that is just repeated by others, but by connecting with the Source from where true knowledge is derived. By simply reading a 5 minute lesson a day for 30 days we will receive this know-how effortlessly by osmosis by getting immersed in the field. That is what is offered herein. 

To keep progressing into new levels of being, download then print the 6 Ebooks, each a 5 minute lesson to read a day for 30 days, and create your own Workbook of 180 daily lessons.

The summary of the curriculum follows. To see what is possible see the videos, experiments and testimonials at:

Course Curriculum

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    The Workbook Lessons (Ebooks)

    • Make Your Own Workbook

    • Infinite Potential August 21 2020

    • 30 Critical Steps to Optimize Vitality

    • Inner Strength Training

    • Inner Work Workbook

    • Healers Manual Part 1

    • Healers Manual Part 2 The Protocols aug 31