The Power of Integrity

The Master Key That Unlocks Every Door

Honesty and authenticity are just the tip of the Iceberg of Integrity. 

With deeper devotion and appreciation for Integrity we will begin to experience more of the Infinite Potential and Infinite Power that surrounds us at all times waiting to support our intentions and fulfill our dreams.

The Power of Integrity was a critical point delivered in these four sold out full day lectures in Windsor Ontario in 2013. There are many layers to Integrity and audience members reportedly placed the included Chart of Integrity, on their fridge following the lecture. 

Lecture topics:

- Power of Integrity

- Ten Principle Elements for Well Being

- World Class Prevention - continuous improvement & preventative maintenance program for humans

"Andrew opened doors I did not know existed" Neviana Maleyko, owner Carrots n Dates

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • Integrity Intro

    • How To Complete This Course

    • Live Workshop Body Part 1a

    • Live Workshop Body Part 2

    • Live Workshop Body Part 3

    • Live Workshop Body Part 4

    • Live Workshop Body Part 5

    • AfternoonPart1

    • AfternoonPart2

    • AfternoonPart3

    • AfternoonPart4

    • AfternoonPart5

    • AfternoonPart6

    • Chart of Integrity

About the instructor


Andrew Facca

A long time ago I did the holistic basics: eat plants, learn yoga & Reiki. I stopped practicing Reiki after learning B.O.S. with Larry Steel, which was far more comprehensive and effective.  I then studied and trained with world renowned medical doctors, scientists and healers and had the honor of providing blessings with the Sacred Relics of The Buddha. Samyana means Voyaging Together and is the accumulation of the healing wisdom of generations.  I do my best to help people heal or learn how to heal others. I make no claims and only report what others have experienced. 

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