LONGEVITY: For those interested in committing to an intention to be 5 years biologically younger 5 years from now, additional insights were provided via live zoom groups.

PROSPERITY: In this series, additional insights are provided on how to embrace our spiritual essence to live a truly "spirited" life guided by divinity and use critical point analysis where the least amount of effort has maximum impact, in all aspects of life.

This is the empowered way, where what we have become is the greatest influence on our profoundly subjective experience of life. Society constantly influences us to be the victims of life, blaming other people and other influences for everything we do not have in our lives. The solution that many success and assertive training coaches espouse is a yan way to work harder, yet there is little understanding of the non linear dynamics influencing our life. 

Herein, we will do it the yin way and we will get most of the benefit herein by osmosis, simply by enrolling and being part of this group that intends to live a prosperous life filled with friends, family, love and abundance of all of God's gifts.  

At some point, we will just get it, as a sense of knowing, that we are the masters of our universe and destiny. We will experience that simply holding in mind what would make us happy, in a loving way, has a greater influence on the outcome than grinding 60 hours a week trying to use force to get what we want. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Longevity Lectures

    • Longevity Group Lecture # 1 - Nov 19 2023 - Setting The Foundation with Intention

    • Longevity Lecture #2 Dec 17 Zoom Group - Follow The Leaders

    • Longevity Lecture #3 Jan 21-24 Prevention - Essential For Longevity

    • Longevity Lecture # 4 Mar 17 24 - Longevity Leaders

    • Longevity Lecture # 5 April 21 24 - Price Pottenger

    • Longevity Lecture # 6 May 19 2024

  • 2

    Prosperity Lectures

    • Prosperity Lecture #1 Nov 26 23

    • Prosperity Lecture #2 Dec 24 23

    • Prosperity Lecture # 3 Jan 28 24

    • Prosperity Lecture # 4 Feb 25 24 - Coherence from Chaos

    • Prosperity Lecture # 5 Dare to Win

    • Prosperity Lecture # 6 April 28 24

    • Prosperity Lecture # 7 May 26 24

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