Inner Work Protocol

In both Workbook form and audio

When we have undesirable issues that have not responded to any form of treatment often the roots of the issues are buried deep within the unconscious. When we experience any form of trauma in our individual life or our societal collective life, it is common to bury it, deny it, suppress it or repress it so that we can just go on with life. However often these buried experiences in life seep out through the cracks and at some point in time the timing is appropriate to allow the truth to be revealed so that we can transcend them. When we do, we may experience a dramatic improvement in our physical, mental or emotional well being. It is not recommended that we do this type of letting go or DIY work without first having developed significant compassion for ourselves and others. With compassion we can truly look at ourselves with honesty and allow the truth to be revealed. This step by step process helps us to get to the roots of our underlying issues and bring lightness to the darkness.  

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Inner Work Workbook

    • Inner Work Workbook

  • 2

    Inner Work Audio Book

    • Audio Books - Preface

  • 3

    Inner Work AudioBook

    • Inner work intro

    • Lesson 1 Guidance Journal

    • Lesson 2 Dream Journal

    • Lesson 3 Letting go Summary

    • Lesson 4 Love connection

    • Lesson 5 Surrender again

    • Lesson 6 Making goog decisions

    • Lesson 7 The good decision chart

    • Lesson 8 The Highest Good

    • Lesson 9 Conflict and compassion

    • Lesson 10 Stepping up discernment

    • Lesson 11 Getting To Know Me

    • Lesson 12 Feel

    • Lesson 13 The Dynamic Duo- Letting Go & Two Way Prayer

    • Lesson 14 Commit to vitality

    • lesson 15 Do the obvious

    • Lesson 16 Being ourselves

    • Lesson 17 Lifestyle checklist

    • lesson 18 Thank god for failure

    • Lesson 19 Rich get richer

    • Lesson 20 Generosity

    • Lesson 21 inner strength triathlon

    • Lesson 22 Prayer of St francis

    • lesson 23 Be not afraid

    • Lesson 24 Family fields

    • Lesson 25 Judgment and Projection

    • Lesson 26 Embrace the feminine

    • Lesson 27 Embracing masculinity

    • Lesson 28 Prayer for well being

    • Lesson 29 Dying to be me

    • Lesson 30 Helping Others

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    What's next? Do another module

    • What's next? Course Summary...